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Alyse Makarewicz, AIA


Alyse Makarewicz AIA is President of AMB Architects. Alyse graduated from the University of Houston in 1997, with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design.

She was initially a Business major taking art classes. But she decided to seek out more of a challenge. She switched to Architecture because it was an ideal mix of her analytical and creative strengths.

Alyse started working at a large architectural firm right out of college.

After 8 ½ years of churning out work for other people, she decided she wanted to open up her own shop.

When she founded AMB, she set out with the goal of creating a fabulous team and great work culture. She wanted to break down the myth that successful architects need to pull all-nighters and burn the candle at both ends.

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“Work life balance is a huge focus here at AMB. People do their best work when they’re enjoying life, so everybody benefits. We’re all about balance. Lots of people have families, which is equally as important as the work. When somebody’s sick or needs time off, everybody contributes.”

Alyse’s favorite project to date was the SITUS project. The space needed to set the stage for the work culture they wanted, with the goal of attracting millennials.

“It was a new space, and we had creative license to start with a blank canvas. The result was exactly what the client wanted. We’re proud of all our work, but especially that project.”

What does an architect do in her spare time? She builds massive Lego projects, of course! Alyse also enjoys crocheting, travel, and reading. And of course, spending quality time with her husband and energetic, 8 year old daughter keeps her very busy.

Breann Nash, RID

Managing Principal & Interior Designer

Breann Nash, a Stephen F. Austin State University graduate, brings more than 10 years of knowledge to the table. Her experience as a Registered Interior Designer is invaluable, providing extensive knowledge of all aspects of design to every project she works on. Breann understands that the design process is complex. She seamlessly guides her clients through the entire design process, while focusing on creating designs that are innovative and unique to the project.

Breann works diligently to establish a level of trust and comfort between her team and the client that is unparalleled in the field. “The more you understand your client the better you can design a space that produces an exciting finished product for everyone involved.”

In her off time, Breann enjoys spending time at home with her husband and two children, visiting wine country, and hopefully a nap.

Jimmy Hoagland

Operations Manager & Permit Expediter

Jimmy is AMB’s Office Manager and Permit Expediter. If you think that sounds like a lot of responsibility, you’re right!

Originally from central New York state, Jimmy has lived in Texas for over a decade. He has worked at AMB Architects since 2008.

Though Jimmy received a degree in Business Administration and Business Management, his first career choice out of college was Chef. Jimmy left the culinary world when he moved to Houston, and quickly landed a role at AMB Architects.

The AMB team relies on Jimmy for field measurements and other tasks, including managing and expediting the permitting process. The role keeps Jimmy busy and on the move. He could be in Sugarland one day, and The Woodlands the next.

Jimmy enjoys playing tennis, bowling, outdoor fun, and travel. Jimmy has been adopted by his 3 dogs Chi-Chi, Coop & Ouiser.

Katherine Marquez

Architectural Project Manager

Katherine has over 8 years of experience in the field of architecture since earning her degrees in
2008. She has been involved with a wide variety of interior only and ground-up projects, ranging from civic facilities to worship buildings.

Katherine is uniquely talented at coordination with the construction team in the field and managing construction administration. She uses her skills to engage with brokers and business owners to guide them through the project process. Her dynamic attitude towards design, in-depth knowledge of project coordination, and breadth of experience make her a valuable resource and team member at AMB.

University of Houston – College of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture – 2008
Bachelor of Science inEnvironmental Design – 2008

Lauren Houser

Architectural Project Manager

Lauren received a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Houston in 2012 after studying at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture. She has worked on both interior and exterior architecture design projects. Her design portfolio includes medical and commercial interiors, a fire station, numerous custom residential projects, educational renovations, and a ground up commercial strip center.

By working on various large and small scope projects Lauren has gained valuable experience on how to problem solve with design. Lauren’s strength is being flexible when faced with a challenged. Her out-of-the box thinking and how she is open to contribute ideas to the team makes her irreplaceable at AMB.

When she’s not being creative at work she enjoys finding creative projects to do with her family. Lauren also enjoys spending time outside with her husband, daughter, and dog.

Roy Lock, AIA RID

Project Architect & Registered Interior Designer

Roy received a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of South Florida with a Minor in Community and Urban Design.

He focuses on developing design solutions at multiple scales that create functional and enjoyable spaces. His southern charm is a favorite with clients who are new to the architecture and design field.

Roy currently provides invaluable support and technical skills for the project management team, ensuring that every client receives the personalized design solutions that continue to
set AMB Architects above the competition.

Shane Barry

Project Manager & Designer

Shane Barry joined the AMB Architects team in 2005. Shane works as both Project Manager and Designer.

He has a well rounded background, including 20 years in construction and construction management. Shane initially studied in engineering but decided he wanted a more creative outlet. He chose architecture because it’s highly technical, yet also includes creative elements.

His design experiences are focused on more challenging construction projects. When there’s a non-standard element that needs to be created Shane is called in to create and implement the solution.

“I really want a challenge. I don’t like a ‘copy and paste’ approach to design,” says Shane. Shane takes this “challenge” approach to his home life as well. He builds custom furniture from wood and steel, and likes to collect, plant and grow trees. His kids, age 9 and 11, keep him extremely busy.

Remy Follmar


Remy is a recent college graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University, she moved to Houston with her husband and two dogs. Remy is enthusiastic about starting her career at AMB working on commercial interiors projects.

Remy and her husband enjoy exploring Houston with their dogs. Her hobbies include traveling, photography, and trying new food.

Remy believes some of the most important ways to learn is through research, travel, and experience. It is an essential part of becoming a successful designer. As a young designer Remy brings a new perspective of ideas to AMB.

Eric Trudelle

Architectural Intern

Eric is finishing his Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston and will graduate in May 2019. He plans to become a registered interior designer following graduation.

Eric has a passion for learning and innovating and does not hesitate to seize opportunities for growth. With a unique perspective fresh out of design school, he brings creativity and a strong work ethic to the AMB team.

In his free time, Eric stays active with swimming and spin classes to balance out his favorite hobby of consuming tacos.

Christi Biehle

Business Development & Designer

Christi originally joined AMB as an Interior Designer in 2012. She brought with her an Associates in Applied Arts from The Art Institute of Houston and twelve years of experience in residential, commercial and hospitality design.
After a brief break which included getting married and moving to the country she has rejoined the team in her new role in Business Development. With her knowledge of interior design and knack for developing relationships it was a natural fit.

Christi is gifted with patience, persistence, positivity, problem solving and people skills. All of which she jokes can be a blessing and a curse at the time. She practices these five P’s in her home life where she proclaims the title of World’s Best Cat Mom. When she’s not spoiling her pets or husband she is keeping it crafty by making jewelry, sewing and cooking.

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